Megan is a design thinker and maker.

She likes her coffee strong with a dash of cream.  

Making the Web More Pleasant

Megan is an experienced web designer with expertise in user experience, graphic design, and front-end development.

Hello from Duluth, Minnesota! I spend my time helping small businesses and fellow sole proprietors start and grow their businesses. All that magic happens from my living-room studio called Madhouse. I sometimes put real pants on to hike up the shore of Lake Superior or chase my 5-year old daughter around outside.

Before I decided to take the leap to go solo, I was working at the small agency Swim Creative as a web developer. Before that, I worked on a lean startup team at the Garage as a UX/UI designer. I first got my digs in web design at a Minneapolis agency called Creative Arc where I mocked up photoshop files of websites and had some other guy make it work for me.

Other interests include music, Patsy Cline, WW2 movies (I know, depressing.), cooking in my cast iron dutch oven & skillet, baking cakes, canoeing and kayaking, and being generally domesticated.

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